Statement on 2022 State Election

24 November 2021

Statement on 2022 State Election

Last year I stepped back from the Cabinet to spend more time with my daughters as they prepare for their final years of high school and as the adult world beckons.


The extra time has prompted me to be more ambitious for them, what they want and our family’s future. No matter how precious your family is, politics can blind you their needs if you’re not careful. And life is short. After some reflection, I came to the view that making the commitment to serve another four-year term was incompatible with the other important priorities in my life, especially if I wanted to give them all the best of me. 


So, I have advised the Premier that I will not be seeking preselection to stand as a candidate at the 2022 Victorian State Election. 


It has been one the great honours of my life to represent the District of Altona in the Victorian Parliament since 2010. I thank the many wonderful communities, leaders, organisations and people from Melbourne’s West I have worked with to represent and build a better quality of life for all. I will always be their ardent cheerleader. 


Not every member of parliament gets to be a member of a government or a cabinet. I will be forever grateful to the Premier for the rare chance to do both, especially the privilege of serving as the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, Minister for Workplace Safety and Attorney-General in the Andrews Labor Government. I’m so thankful to have been part of his wonderful team who have delivered life changing investments and reforms.


Much of what I was able to contribute is down to the friendship and support I received from our Premier. I have met no one more dedicated to governing in a way that improves people’s lives by creating jobs, fairness and dignity – and he’s still going! 


History shows that it is only a rare leader that transcends the challenges of their time. Daniel Andrews is one of them. His leadership comes from a deep sense of fairness and a commitment to make progress even on the hard things- the harder the better. It was his leadership that sparked Victoria into action in 2014 and has kept it going with a big infrastructure build and a social justice program that has been just as transformative.


It was such a joy to be part of the hard-working team he assembled around the Cabinet table and in the Labor Caucus. Their friendship, kindness and good humour also gave me much sustenance. 


My deep thanks to my staff, local branch members and volunteers who have worked so hard for our collective success over many years. 


After watching Victorians work so hard to support and care for each other over the last year, I feel deeply optimistic for Victoria’s future. That has helped me feel optimism about my own life after politics. I look forward to making up for many years of absence by spending time with my gorgeous family and friends. 


But my focus for the next year will be representing the communities of the Altona District. I will also be working hard to support the re-election of our Premier and the Labor team. Only Labor can make sure our collective recovery works for all Victorians, by creating quality jobs, and continuing to make those big investments in health, education and infrastructure projects that will transform people’s lives.

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