Greg Sperling

I rise today to pay tribute to an outstanding educational leader who has made a substantial and meaningful contribution to Melbourne’s west. Mr Greg Sperling has been the principal of Point Cook Secondary College, a school established under the previous Labor government which first opened its doors in 2008. Mr Sperling recently advised me of his intention to retire. I am sure I am reflecting the views of many members of the local school community when I say that my response to this news was bittersweet. I am saddened that the Point Cook community and the education sector more generally will lose the benefit of a man who has devoted his life to public education. Mr Sperling is a person who has used the wisdom and benefit of his experiences to grow opportunities for students from Melbourne’s west.

He is an educational leader who understands the importance of investing in his workforce. He understands the difference that a good teacher, a good curriculum and a connected school community that cares about every student can make in a young person’s life. Mr Sperling is an education leader who has risen to the many challenges that get thrown at our schools and their leadership, from the challenge of establishing a new school or a new school council to ensuring that the opportunities available to students from all over Victoria are available to those in Melbourne’s west. It is my very strong view that teaching is a noble profession and one that we undervalue. Dynamic, innovative and resilient educational leaders in school communities are worth their weight in gold. Mr Sperling is one, and I wish him all the best.