Laverton College P-12: science and mathematics excellence award

I rise to recognise all those at Laverton College P-12 and to congratulate them on winning one of the inaugural Victorian Science and Mathematics Education Excellence awards. These awards recognise partnerships that aim to increase student interest in science and maths and encourage more students to pursue science and maths-related careers, which will support Victoria’s future economic, social and environmental needs. The LAVNET program provides a science and technology program for the local community. LAVNET works with other primary schools in the western region and promotes science and technology for all students. In the west we are incredibly proud of the journey of transformation undertaken by Laverton P-12. It is a school community that has come together as part of a wider community renewal program in Laverton.

Around $20 million has been invested in constructing a new school on the former secondary college site. The new facilities are designed to support the college’s four learning communities, which are based on student ability rather than age. The aim is to better engage students with learning and to support teachers to adopt modern teaching methods and personalised learning.

A strong focus on literacy and numeracy is paying off in spades. In 2009, 98 per cent of Victorian certificate of education students in Laverton were offered a place at either university or TAFE.

It should come as no surprise that Laverton P-12 has won this award, but I wish to pay tribute to the work of the Laverton community, the teachers and the students for improving their educational outcomes and continuing to build better outcomes in the west.