Condolences: Peter Redlich

I rise today to honour the life of Peter Redlich, who passed away in January. Peter was the founding partner of the Holding Redlich law firm, a place I had the wonderful opportunity of working at. Peter was the son of Austrian migrants and lived a life characterised by vision, courage, decency and achievement. Peter made an important contribution to the law, to politics, to the arts and to Australian corporate life. He was also instrumental in the modernisation and reform of the Labor Party. He was a passionate advocate for justice and fairness. The lives positively changed by his work are beyond quantification. Peter also played a significant role in the worlds of business and the arts, in the community and health sectors and as a chairman and director on many boards, for which he was recognised when he was awarded an Order of Australia.

At different stages of my life Peter was an employer, a mentor, a supporter, a debating partner, a counsellor and an agent provocateur, but the most valuable gift he gave me was that of loyal and honourable friendship. Peter’s impact on Australian corporate, political and cultural life was not just in the personal and professional contributions that he made. He enabled, supported and created so many opportunities for others that his impact lives on through their contributions and achievements. Peter’s most important role, however, was that of loving husband, parent and grandparent. Whilst his friends and colleagues mourn his passing, this will be most acutely felt by his family, and my heartfelt condolences go out to his wife, Sally, and the entire Redlich family.