Petition: Sanctuary Lakes

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

The petition of the residents and lot owners of Sanctuary Lakes draws to the attention of the house the desire of residents and lot owners to have Sanctuary Lakes recognised as a suburb within the City of Wyndham.

Sanctuary Lakes has been an identified locality for 20 years as it has seen the development of various housing estates, a shopping centre bearing the Sanctuary Lakes name together with many of the shops and the post office within the centre also using the Sanctuary Lakes name, the Sanctuary Lakes Hotel and the Sanctuary Lakes golf links of championship standard. Within the proposed boundaries, the current population of around 9500 will grow to over 11 000 within two to three years.

The rapid growth of new housing developments within the City of Wyndham is well known. There is an increasing requirement for localities such as Sanctuary Lakes to be better identified, to develop and preserve their community identity rather than be merged as part of mega suburbs.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria supports the recognition of Sanctuary Lakes as a suburb.

By Ms HENNESSY (Altona) (2307 signatures).