Relay for Life: Point Cook

I rise to update the house on the outcome of the inaugural Point Cook Relay for Life. I enjoy the deep privilege of being the patron of this touching and meaningful fundraising event. I am very pleased to advise the house that the inaugural Point Cook Relay for Life raised over $31 000 for the important research activities undertaken by Cancer Council Victoria. Over 330 participants in 23 teams took part in the 18-hour relay. The great turnout, kind weather, bands, novel fundraising events and support of local traders created a carnival atmosphere for this very successful fundraising event. Locals embraced the fun side of the event, dressing up, decking out their tents and marquees and enjoying each other’s company while raising funds for an important cause. It was very encouraging to see the local community come out in such force to get behind this event, which celebrates cancer survivors, recognises their carers and remembers those who have been lost to cancer.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate and express my deep appreciation to the many volunteer members of the Point Cook Relay for Life organising committee, which is made up of Paul Rourke, John Ballestrino, Kate Parsons, Kerry Keyes, Phil Dugo, Alysia Keyes, Faye Lockwood-Rourke, Bev Morrissey; Jan Koh, Kirsten Taafe, Marie Craw and Kate Rankin. Their hard work in pulling this important event together and encouraging such a large turnout on the day is to be commended. I have no doubt that this relay will remain on the Point Cook community calendar and will grow into the future as many more people and teams seek to get involved.