Suzanne Cory High School

Ms HENNESSY (Altona) — I rise to acknowledge the development of an excellent new school in the west and the opportunities it will provide to students in my electorate. I had the pleasure of attending the turning of the sod at the new Suzanne Cory high school on 16 April. Suzanne Cory high school will be the first selective entry high school in the western suburbs. It will open in 2011 with 200 students in year 9 and grow to a maximum of 800 students. Suzanne Cory high school will offer gifted students from the west a challenging and in-depth educational experience. This demonstrates the government’s commitment to education in the west, and I am pleased that students in the western suburbs will now have access to continuing top-quality education. This new school will help excavate the talent in the west and provide students with many exciting new opportunities.